About Us

Ward66 Entertainment (Pty) Ltd is a company that was established in 2012. The Label is home to some of the best talents to grace the music scene. These include ICU, DotCom McHustle, The Plutonians and the production house super team 66Beats. Ward66 is committed to bringing you the highest quality of music, breaking boundaries in the music sphere.

Ward66 Entertainment aims to satisfy and empower the growing urban youth of Africa. We are committed to creating a culture through the use of all artistic platforms. Everyone should have equal opportunities to express themselves freely through art. We believe in uplifting aspiring artists through mentoring and other programmes designed to ensure they achieve their highest potential. These beliefs are instilled in the values & conduct off the Ward66 staff.

Ward66 is equiped with publishing, administered by Sony/Atv and EMI, production, mixing and recordings courtesy of 66beats. Talent is cleary abundant in this stable as everything is handled in house.

With the talent and ambition clearly visible in this stable Ward66 is set to take the music industry by storm, creating new strandards and boundaries in the music sphere. Further taking it’s commitment of “changing the game” by introducing concerts and live gigs with South Arican and African acts to the people.

Ward66 is definitley going to take the meaning of a label to new heights in South Africa with plans of taking its music and artist to the international stage.

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